Over 15 years of studying, designing, analysing and optimising user experiences has given me an intuitive understanding of audiences and their motivations. This I believe is key to creating optimal user interfaces with high conversion rates – interfaces that users enjoy and want to use over and over again.

Having run my own profitable website for over ten years I also have an excellent understanding of SEO, copywriting, customer service, profit and loss, accounting and everything else involved in running a business.



How is this website so fast?

When you browse StyleWired.com you will notice the pages load super fast -- possibly faster than anything you've ever seen. I use several sophisticated techniques to make the pages load almost instantly. One secret is; I start loading the page in the background before the user has even clicked the link. So by the time the user clicks, the page is already loaded and it appears on their screen almost instantaneously. Try it for yourself: hover your mouse over a link for a second, then click. The page began loading not when you clicked, but when you hovered over the link. By the time you click, the page is already loaded.

Page load time is an important factor in user experience and SEO. If a page takes a longer than a few seconds to load, the likelihood the user will give up and try one of the millions of other websites increases. Internet users are incredibly impatient due to the massive choice of web pages available to them. Differentiating your website by making it super fast has several benefits.

If a page loads slowly the bounce rate will be very high. A high bounce rate indicates a low quality web page. Google uses this as a ranking factor in their algorithms. If you want to get millions of visits for free from Google, you need a super fast website.