These are my primary skill areas.

HTML/CSS based web design (Front End Development)

I hand code web standards based HTML5 and CSS1-3. I write clean semantic mark-up that displays correctly in all web browser and operating system combinations. I have an in-depth knowledge of SEO, which I take into account through-out the coding process. Every website has a distinct purpose and should have clear objectives. I design websites that intuitively lead the visitors through to the website goal, which is often a sale or lead generation. I achieve this through simplicity, pleasant aesthetics and a clarity that underlies every aspect of my designs.


I use Photoshop to design layouts. I’m not a graphic designer but I have had over ten years of experience using Photoshop to design websites and HTML emails in a commercial environment.

HTML Email design

I have designed and deployed HTML emails to hundreds of thousands of customers, giving me the opportunity to test a great deal of variations in design, SPAM filter avoidance tactics, click through rate maximisation and the ever changing rules of email client HTML/CSS rendering. I can competently hand code HTML emails that display correctly in all email clients, either using tables to structure the layouts or using sensibly degrading web standards based code. Writing HTML for emails is vastly different to writing web pages because of the major lack of CSS support, especially in Outlook 2007, which renders hardly any CSS, making design very difficult, but achievable if you know what you’re doing.


WordPress is my favourite blogging platform/content management system. I can create a fully custom WordPress theme from start to finish, which is very useful for clients, as they can use WordPress to update their website/blog without needing knowledge of HTML.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

I have a great deal of SEO experience, from internal linking structure best practices to link baiting and everything in between. I know how to properly research keywords, reverse engineer successful SEO strategies, properly structure a page so that it is optimised for a particular keyword phrase and much more.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

I have accounts with Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing. I know how to write a well optimised landing page that achieves a great quality score every time. I have tested many ad variations and have knowledge of some successful tactics for achieving high click though rates.

Landing page development and optimisation

One of my primary areas of focus as an entrepreneur and internet marketer is landing page optimisation. I have studied and tested variations in copy, page layout, call to action design and headline writing. Having the mentality that every page of a website is a potential ‘landing page’, gives you a good perspective of a website as it fits into the overall marketing strategy.